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THANN Christmas Aroma Gift Sets

Christmas is coming! THANN has a prepared a total of 24 fantastic Christmas gift sets including Aromatherapy, Body care & Facial gift sets and save up to 35% off!
Tea & Bee Honey (New!)
Aromatic Candle(190 g)、Bee Honey(270 g)
THANNative Tea (40 g) Tea Strainer

Eden Breeze Collection (New!)
Eden Breeze Body Butter(160 g)、Eden Breeze Aromatic Candle(140 g)

Trio Delightful Mist (New!)
A set of 3 x 60ml Fragrance Mist available in
-Aromatic Wood    -Oriental Essence
-Jasmine Blossom  -Rosewater
-Blooming Petals

Absolute Relaxing (New!)
Eye Pillow Mask、Fragrance Mist 60 ml

Aromatic Candle Set (New!)
Blooming Petals(40 g)、Eden Breeze(40 g)、Rose(40 g)

Duo Aroma Bags (New!)
2 Aroma Bags
2 x Pure Essential Oil (10 ml)

Hand and Body Pampering
Fragrance Mist (60 ml)
Hand Cream (80 g)

Beautifully Protected
Jasmine Blossom Shower(250 ml)
Jasmine Blossom Rice Extract Body Milk(250 ml)
Egg Shell Body Brush

Belittled Selections 100 ml
A set of 4 x 100 ml available in:
Oriental Essence Shower Gel (100 ml)
Oriental Essence Body Milk (100 ml)
Jasmine Blossom Shower Cream (100 ml)
Jasmine Blossom Body Milk (100 ml)

Belittled Jasmine Selections 100 ml
Jasmine Blossom Shower Cream (100 ml)
Jasmine Blossom Body Mil (100 ml)
Jasmine Blossom Bath Salt (50 g)

Belittled Oriental Essence 100 ml
Oriental Essence Shower Gel (100 ml)
Oriental Essence Body Milk (100 ml)

Moisture Recharge
Oriental Essence Shower Gel (100 ml)
Oriental Essence Body Milk (100 ml)
Oriental Essence Hand Cream (40 g)
Fabric Bag

Daily Pampering Ritual
Aromatherapy Shower Gel (320 ml)
Rice Extract Body Milk (320 ml)
Egg Shell Body Brush

Trio Hand Cream (New!)
Aromatic Wood Hand Cream(40 g)
Oriental Essence Hand Cream(40 g)
Jasmine Blossom Hand Cream(40 g)

Hand Ritual
Aromatic Wood Hand Wash(250 ml)
Aromatic Wood Hand Lotion(250 ml)
Shiso Hand & Arm Cream(40 g)
Egg Shell Finger Brush

THANN Sanctuary Gift Voucher (New!)

An Invigorating Spirit
Genie Diffuser
Essential Oil(50 ml)

Belittled Selections 60 ml
A set of 3 x 60 ml available in :
Aromatic Wood and Oriental Essence:
-Shower Gel   -Shampoo
-Body Milk     -Conditioner
-Bath & Massage Oil 

Truly Delightful
Bath & Massage Oil (295 ml)
Aromatic Candle (190g)
Solid Perfume (15 g)

Aroma Diffuser 250 ml
Available in :
-Aromatic Wood  -Woody Floral
-Oriental Essence -Flower & Vanilla
-Sea Foam      -Freesia & Magnolia

Pure of Nature
Essential Oil (50 ml)
Essential Oil (10 ml)

Radiance Booster
Rice Bran Cleansing Oil(185 ml)
Rice Extract Moisturizing Cream(80 g)
Oatmeal Face Scrub / Detoxifying Face Mask(100 g)

Flawlessly Stunning
A set of Shiso Collection available in:
Facial Cleanser(100 ml)
Astringent Toner (140 ml)
Anti-aging Cream(40 g)
Revitalizing Face Mask
Face Mist (60 ml)

6 Assorted Tea Box

-Lemongrass & Mint
-Bael Fruit
-Vanilla Jasmine Tea
-Cherry Jasmine Tea
-Earl Gray Jasmine Tea
-Lavender White Tea



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